Okay Ladies, let’s talk beauty!


I’m a girly-girl and love all things beauty, make up and of course being pampered.

I also love feeling beautiful and confident.


For years I thought “yes, I’ve got this!” and did my own makeup.

Well that all changed being in a spotlight.

I think I came across every critic possible which led to me being my own biggest critic.


Well, a few months ago my eight-year-old daughter said, “Mom I like when you do you and not try to be someone you’re not.”

I said, “What do you mean baby?”

And I was so surprised when she said, “Well when you have help you’re not you. You don’t look like yourself. You’re pretending to be pretty when you’re already way prettier as yourself.”

I mean, my heart just melted and okay, lesson noted and learned.

So, I have started doing my own makeup again and boy have I noticed a difference.

I don’t feel like I’m trying too hard to be pretty – I feel like myself, and beautiful in my own skin.

I’ll admit, I do miss being pampered, but I want to encourage everyone that no matter how much we may camouflage ourselves, always be yourself and know that the ones who love you, will love you no matter what.

I know it’s so cliché, but it’s about the inside and how you treat others.

When I do paint my face – here are a few of my favorites …
But first, Cary Deuber gifted me the most amazing face cream and I’m in love so I’ve been using it morning and night … It’s Hylariche-intense hyaluronic moisturizer.


Now for the make-up:

  • Makeup Forever HD foundation
  • NYX Cream Highlighter palette
  • NYX highlight & contour pro palette
  • It Girl eye and blush palette
  • Total temptation Maybelline
  • Smashbox Illume gloss

Of course, I mix it up but having these pro palettes can help me create a soft or dramatic look.


I hope you feel beautiful always.




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