So, there are a few things you might not know about me – even with my life recorded for all to see on the Real Housewives of Dallas.


  1. I’m obsessed with fashion.
  2. I love a good bargain.
  3. I’m a comfort first kind of gal.
  4. I have my own clothing line – Brandi Land.


For years I’d thought about starting my own clothing line – honestly, I think a lot of gals think about starting a clothing line at one point or another … Usually when we’re shopping and can’t find what we’re looking for – OR when we find just what we want and its way more than we want to spend.


Well, with my family in the boating and marina industry for more than 20 years I’m constantly on the hunt for cute resort and loungewear.


And that’s kind of where my clothing line started – but it’s taken on a life of its own and turned into so much more … including a total passion of mine!


Plus, I love being a #girlboss.


So, what started as wanting to do something fun with my best friend Mandy and Sister-In-Law Megan has turned into a full-blown business with a full spectrum of amazing clothes.


This is Brandi Land.


We loved the idea of naming my clothing line Brandi Land because everyone always likes to say I am in my own world, or “land” … and I hope that Brandi Land is a source of joy and beauty for everyone who visits.


After lots of fun discussions of what Brandi Land would be like – filled with food I shouldn’t admit to eating like bean burritos and french fries … and of course, Jesus Juice – we’ve danced, laughed, cried and had so much fun as we’ve dreamed and planned all of the amazing things that will happen.


Brandi Land has grown and evolved so much, even in the first year.


When we first started we just had a few t-shirts and wine glasses.


Then we brought in resort and loungewear – inspired by the marina business, of course.


And now I’m so proud that we offer everything fashion has to offer from Jeans and Blouses to Rompers and Purses … Dresses and Skirts to Loungewear and more!


We hand pick and source each item and are thrilled to offer the latest trends and most beautiful pieces at a reasonable price. As we’re picking items out we think of YOU wearing them, and smile


So, Brandi Land is more than a clothing line – it’s a state of mind that you can escape to. It’s for the rebellious spirit, with feelings of light-heartedness and fun – and it’s a place for you to feel beautiful, on the inside and outside.

Are we friends yet?

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