I love this time of year!

The weather is warming up, summertime is just around the corner and the year is in full swing.

And … call me crazy but I love and look forward to spring cleaning every year!

I won’t lie, getting motivated to Spring Clean is always a struggle but once it’s done it feels so good and refreshing.

So, how do I do my Spring Cleaning and how do I make it so fun that I actually look forward to it?

Well, I enlist help and make it fun for everyone!
I use this clean out session with my girls to get their swimsuits and spring/summer wear as an incentive.

For those of you with little girls, I’m sure you’re familiar with @Justice. This is my girls favorite and if you haven’t, sign up for the rewards program. Their cashback rewards in Justice bucks are my go-to for chore payment. The girls know they’re making room for new clothes from their favorite place for summer, so they’re happy to help and keep me company!

We start off in the closets and create piles of giveaways.

And the best part about spring cleaning is that we rock out to our favorite music while getting the job done.

It’s a dance out clean out kind of day and it always ends up being one of the best days.

Once we have cleaned out clothes, toys, household items & miscellaneous goods we choose an organization to donate to.

Most organizations will come by and pick up – making it so easy to give back.

Don’t get discouraged when you spring clean because it can be so fun and fulfilling.

Make incentives to clean out that clutter.

We all need something new here or there.

AND, if you don’t have an incentive already in mind – I’ll give you an incentive use the code SPRING15 to receive 15% off EVERYTHING in BrandiLand – including what’s already marked down 25%-50% OFF.


Enjoy – XO, B

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