What makes you feel lucky?

Like everything is falling into place and the world is on your side …

Is it wearing that special gem?

Saying a prayer or waiting for luck to hit you?

I want to share with you what makes me feel lucky and I bet you all will feel lucky too.
First, I’m Irish and with redheads going extinct, you wouldn’t think that’s so lucky.

But to me luck is simply symbolic to being thankful.

It’s noticing the simple things in life and being thankful for them.

For instance, I’m obsessed with nature. I love seasons and every time I get to see what I believe is a gift to see changes on this earth through Mother Nature, I feel lucky.

We all have the chance to feel lucky and to remind us that our surroundings are always changing.

Take the rain for example that has blessed us with its presence consistently…I love it. Why? Because it reminds me of things that bring me such an overwhelming amount of joy.

It reminds me that God washes away sin.
It reminds me of the of the time when I was a Dallas cowboys cheerleader and we had the biggest slip and slide practicing at Texas Stadium.
It reminds me that my husband dances and danced with me in the rain celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary.

This is not just luck but memories and blessings that I cherish.

So it reminds me that more luck is to come and I can’t wait to see my daughters dance in the rain and slash in muddy puddles.

Whatever comes your way, look at the smaller picture because you might just be lucky too.


XO, Brandi

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