Let me start by admitting that I love any reason to celebrate and I’m a sucker for a good love story.


But I also truly believe every day should be filled with reminding us how much we are loved and flowers should be sent throughout the year, not just on February 14th, in my opinion.


Anyways, I do have a favorite Valentines to date that I wanted to share with you.


This one year my husband really went all out.  Yep, He stopped by our local grocery store and got me a card. That’s normal for most of us but it gets better.


He also got me a magnet to go with it.


Yes, you read that right.


Not just any Magnet though, a heart shaped one that says I love you.


Okay ladies, don’t be jealous.


I know some of you get a dozen roses, jewelry from Jarrod’s or even a designer handbag for this once a year occasion but I got a magnet.


I love this magnet, every time I go to the fridge it says I love you, and every time I think of this holiday, I think of a heart shaped magnet.


This magnet reminds me that I’m stuck with you and I’m stuck on you.


So, I will say job well done Bryan.


So before you go all out, think about getting your special someone a magnet too.


It’ll be the gift that keeps on sticking for years and when your mad at your special someone, just yank that magnet off your fridge and put it face down on the counter. That’ll teach them not to piss you off anymore.


Anyways, wishing you all hearts and love this holiday and every day.


Cheers, Brandi

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