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I know how much Stephanie Hollman loves Halloween and after the time we have spent apart, I was pleasantly surprised by the invite. However, it is a testament to Stephanie’s grace and class. Going into our meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s so much easier to speak to her and open up without the ladies chiming in. I want to be in a good place with Stephanie and after seeing her, I knew I missed her and she cared. I know that we can be stronger than before after going through this struggle. Stephanie was right that the blog could have been a simple fix with communication. Lesson learned and I can own my mistakes and faults. I opened up to Stephanie about the miscarriage because it’s not something I talk about or share. It was something my family went through and was honestly another reason I closed myself off even more, not just to her but to everyone. I felt that it was important for Steph to know exactly why I chose to be so distant in so many ways and it felt like a relief to actually open up and have her hear me.

I must say I was hysterically crying watching us meet. You really see and know how much we love and care about each other. It feels so good to know we are moving forward. I love that girl.

So now let’s party…

The party was beautifully decorated and so much fun. I genuinely did not get LeeAnne Locken‘s costume. She looked like the Dalmatian evil lady to me. I expressed to her that I wanted to dress like her with a basket, but that wouldn’t have been nice. Her choice to wear this shows that she has no respect for Stephanie and is so distasteful to do in the hostesses home. I would also like to address that D’Andra Simmons is in a corner saying we are always drama. Well hello honey, what are you doing asking Stephanie about LeeAnne and I being friends. Are you trying to start drama? If you’re pointing fingers, you should always point it right back at yourself. Just saying. I teach my kids that so maybe I should teach you.

Moving on to Kameron Westcott, she clearly can’t take a joke and I know I can. Who said that? I said that…I bet I could turn a gay man straight. Now am I joking Barbie, or for real? #talent

Once again thank you for watching.

Brandi Redmond

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